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Almost every room in the house has gotten at least a phase one renovation and the kitchen was the last room, besides two of the bathrooms, to look exactly the same as when we moved in.

The red wallpaper was kind of a lot! And underneath it, we found the fun surprise of 5 other layers of wall paper. There’s only one more room with wallpaper on the walls now. And as much as I love some of the wallpaper that is available now, I’m pretty sure this house has scarred me for life and that I’ll never be able to use wallpaper! That oven was another hardship that needed resolved. It was soooo old and incredibly finicky.

There was so much storage in the kitchen but a lot of it was really high and hard for even Eddie to reach so we left them empty. Since we had plenty of storage, I decided to remove the uppers on the wall with the sink and put in open shelving.

This was a phase one renovation, I want to do a tile backsplash and the countertops were a short term solution (they are covered in contact paper, made them much prettier but won’t hold up long term.) I am so so happy with phase one though! It feels more open and I smile every time I walk in there now.

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