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We were able to get into our house and start painting a month before we moved in. I was able to paint the living room, dining room, office, and kid’s rooms. My plan was to leave our bedroom as it was and work on it down the road but three days before we moved in I changed my mind on a whim and decided to tear down the wallpaper and paint.

We did the bedroom in stages. Before we moved in we sped through wallpaper removal and painting. After we moved in we started working on our tiny bathroom which ended up taking a long time. It was tiny to begin with, but there was a chimney going through it that made it even tinier. The fireplace attached to the chimney was taken out years ago so it was just a bunch of brick serving no purpose. We removed the chimney, got a new toilet, vanity, light, added some shelves. Once the bathroom was done I was motivated to finish the whole room. Closet space was an issue. I used the closet in our room and poor Eddie used the closet downstairs in my office. Because our room has so much square footage, I was able to add a walk in closet and on the other side of that a little sitting area. I added molding to the wall, a new light fixture, refinished the beautiful wood floor that was underneath some gross linoleum, and hung some new art. I love our bedroom. It is my safe haven.

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