Summer Recap

Summer break has officially come to an end for us. The kids went back to school yesterday and while I am really enjoying being able to work without breaking up a fight or answering a question, going through these photos today has made me already miss summer. Here’s a small taste of what we did this summer.


We talked about going to the beach for the Fourth of July or heading over to the Rose Bowl, but then decided a relaxing cook out with a couple friends was just what we needed. We had a water fight, which the adults won (obviously) ate some yummy food and then walked over and saw the Rose Bowl’s fireworks show from on top of a parking structure.

A couple of days got so hot that we had to go hang out some place cool so we went to the Science Center.

We spent a week in Santa Cruz for our church’s All Church Camp. The kids ran free in nature and loved every minute of it. We got to spend a day at the boardwalk AND we got to hang out with my sweet niece! We had some friends come and stay with us and we had a ton of fun showing them some of our favorite LA spots. Matt was one of our students back in Virginia and just got married (which makes us feel super old!) and we loved spending time with them and getting to know Abbey! The very last thing we did this summer was family pictures. It has been a couple years since we’ve done them so the day before school started, we grabbed the tripod and attempted to take a decent family photo!
And just like that, summer is over and we’re back to school. Noah started middle school (insert all the crying emojis), Emma started 5th grade and Layla started 2nd grade. 

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