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I’ve been anxiously waiting for the Lofton adoption finalization. I’ve been in communication with Robynne for a couple months now and it was so amazing to meet her face to face and capture the adoption of Bellamy. Robynne shared their adoption story with me and I wanted to share it with all of you as well.

“Damyen and I had been married just under a year when we discovered that I can’t conceive a child. We had prepared for this eventuality and reached out to a college friend who had adopted four beautiful children. She connected us with her attorney and we reached out to inquire about the process. Less than a week after our inquiry phone call in October, we were contacted about a match with a birth mother who was carrying twin girls. We were over the moon! We prepared to share our great news with our family for Christmas that we would be expecting twins in February. However, a week before Christmas we were notified that the birth mother had changed her mind about placement. Devastated, we leaned on each other and remained committed to the process. However, as the story of the “red thread” goes, those that were meant for each other will find their way to one another. You see, at the same time, another birth mother, carrying a baby girl that was due in March, was experiencing her own loss. The adoption plan she was committed to, fell apart as her adoptive parent had to back out suddenly. We both were notified about one another right before Christmas, but needed to take the time to heal, to mourn created plans, and garner enough strength to open yourself up again to the unknown. By mid-January, we committed to one another and began a relationship that was committed to a successful birth of a beautiful baby girl. A week before Bellamy was born, our birth mother and her two youngest children, joined my husband and I to spend some quality time getting to know one another. We shopped, laughed, and cared for one another with tenderness and patience as new versions of what it meant to be a family was created. On March 5th, I stood bedside and cheered our birth mother through the delivery of tiny Bellamy Leia. We shared those first few days, lovingly passing Bellamy between us, taking turns feeding, laughing, admiring, preparing. We all left the hospital together, something that everyone told us was “strange”. But we knew we were all given such a special gift in this new relationship, and Bellamy would benefit from being surrounded with such abundance of love as she entered this world.”

All of my adoption sessions are through Red Thread Sessions, an organization that provides discounted photography for newly adoptive families. If you are a newly adoptive family looking for photography visit Red Thread Sessions website to find a photographer in your area. And if you’re a photographer please consider volunteering with us!

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  1. Michelle

    December 15th, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    I am just bawling. The beauty of this family is overwhelming.


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