Life Update | Eddie Graduated!

In 2013 we moved from the place we had called home for seven years to come back to our home state of California so Eddie could attend Fuller Theological Seminary. The plan was to get in and get out. His M.Div was a three year program and we knew it would be a tough three years, but we’d work hard and get it done. As we started making friends, we noticed a theme among a lot of them. Most with family’s were taking 4-5 years to get their degrees. I told Eddie, nope, that won’t be us. Three years max. That’s all I could do. Well about halfway through we realized that we could not sustain even another quarter at the rate we were going let alone another year and a half. So three years became four and a week ago, after years of study, late nights, and basically sleepwalking through life, Eddie graduated. Graduation day was like a giant exhale for our whole family. It was done. The thing that we all sacrificed and worked hard for was finally accomplished. We could be normal again (although we have no idea what normal even looks like anymore!) We could look forward to what next adventure God has for us.

And that is the million dollar question we’ve been getting: What’s next?

I wish I knew. Like really, really wish I knew. Right now Eddie is finishing up his hospital chaplaincy, so we will be in Pasadena at least until August. He is currently in the ordination process and we are constantly in search of a job. He’s had a couple interviews but right now we are just praying and hoping that God will provide the right job in the right place for us. Real talk: that hope is really hard to hold on to some days and the kids are pretty stressed not knowing where we’ll be or where they’ll go to school. But I know God loves us and that it isn’t God’s plan for us to be homeless so each day I choose to hope and trust in God’s timing!

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