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Even in the smoothest situation, adoption can be a roller coaster, but the Johnston family’s experience has been a little wilder than most. BabyGirl #1 was planned to be a private adoption last November, but her birthmama changed her mind and she left the hospital with her instead. BabyGirl #2 was born the following May, and they have an open adoption with her incredible birthmama. When BabyGirl#2 was six weeks old, they got the call to come pick up BabyGirl #1, so now they are fostering her, and they have “twiblings” six months apart. We met up this weekend to do a family portrait session. Sarah is a ballet teacher and retired dancer so also took some photos of her and her tiny ballerinas.

All of my adoption sessions are through Red Thread Sessions, an organization that provides discounted photography for newly adoptive families. If you are a newly adoptive family looking for photography visit Red Thread Sessions website to find a photographer in your area. And if you’re a photographer please consider volunteering with us!

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