Jessica + Jacob | Riverside Wedding

We’ve been counting down the days for over a year. On Friday my brother married his perfect match. I wore a lot of hats that day (photographer, bridesmaid, mom…) but the favorite hat I wore was sister. I cried about 17.5 times. I didn’t expect to be filled with so much emotion, I mean, they’ve been together for six years and we’ve known for a long time that Jacob and Jess would be together forever, but there was something about watching them publicly commit their lives to one another that touched me in a way I never expected. Los Angeles Wedding_0145 Los Angeles Wedding_0146 Los Angeles Wedding_0147 Los Angeles Wedding_0148 Los Angeles Wedding_0149 Los Angeles Wedding_0150 Jess’s sister brought her some family jewelry to wear on her big day. I love this photo of Miranda helping Jess put it on.Los Angeles Wedding_0151Los Angeles Wedding_0152 Los Angeles Wedding_0153 Three of my four favorite guys in the whole world. Los Angeles Wedding_0154 And there’s the fourth favorite guy, looking quite dapper.Los Angeles Wedding_0155 Los Angeles Wedding_0156 Los Angeles Wedding_0157 Los Angeles Wedding_0158 Los Angeles Wedding_0159 Los Angeles Wedding_0160 Los Angeles Wedding_0161 Our first choice of locations for the first look and portraits fell through and I’m so glad it did. This rose garden at Fairmount Park was beyond beautiful and the perfect place for my brother to see his bride for the first time.Los Angeles Wedding_0162 Los Angeles Wedding_0163 Los Angeles Wedding_0164 Los Angeles Wedding_0165 I love this quiet moment in the midst of the chaos of the day where they could just be together, taking it all in.Los Angeles Wedding_0166 Los Angeles Wedding_0167 Los Angeles Wedding_0168 Los Angeles Wedding_0169 Jess had not one, but two dresses. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. She slipped into her reception dress when we got to Crestmore Manor so we could get a few portraits in that dress as well.Los Angeles Wedding_0170 Los Angeles Wedding_0171 My brother doesn’t smile big for the camera very often, but the anticipation of getting married had him grinning ear to ear and I’m so glad I caught it!Los Angeles Wedding_0172 Los Angeles Wedding_0173 Los Angeles Wedding_0174 Los Angeles Wedding_0175When Jacob and Jess asked me to both photograph their wedding AND be in it, I knew I couldn’t have just anyone second shoot with me. I immediately called Shannon of Shannon Wright Photography and Leigh of Leigh Burnette Photography. Shannon is one of my best friends and Leigh is her fiance and my second best friend:) Shannon and I shot our first wedding together years ago and I knew there wasn’t anyone else I would trust to assist me on this important day. HUGE thanks to them both for not only second shooting, but also scouting locations, chauffeuring, being emotional support for me, making sure I put my camera down and was actually in the photos I needed to be, and so much more!
Los Angeles Wedding_0176 Los Angeles Wedding_0177 Los Angeles Wedding_0178 Los Angeles Wedding_0179 Los Angeles Wedding_0180 Guys, my brother may kill me for posting this one, but I had to because Jacob very rarely gets emotional. When I looked over and saw my brother’s chin quivering, I about lost it. Los Angeles Wedding_0183Los Angeles Wedding_0181 Los Angeles Wedding_0182 Our good friend Katie officiated the ceremony, but Jess and Jacob wanted Eddie to give a word about them and their relationship and do their vows. Eddie’s words about the dedication Jacob and Jess have for not only each other, but also for their family and friends had my mom in tears.Los Angeles Wedding_0184Los Angeles Wedding_0185 They’re married!!!Los Angeles Wedding_0186 Los Angeles Wedding_0187 Los Angeles Wedding_0189 Los Angeles Wedding_0190 Los Angeles Wedding_0191 Los Angeles Wedding_0192 Los Angeles Wedding_0193 Los Angeles Wedding_0194


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  1. Wynn Mayeda Hance

    May 7th, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    Absolutely beautiful!


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