European Vacation | Part Deux

Oh, Paris. Between the architecture, the cafes, the macarons, the easy metro system, the wine and cheese, and the hustle and bustle of the city, I was in heaven. And did I mention the macarons?! We had one rule: if there were macarons in the window, we had to buy them. Needless to say we ate our fair share of macarons! Josh, who wasn’t the hugest fan of the macaron (what?! how?!), wished our rule had been if we saw wine we had to buy it. Really, I would have been okay with adding that rule as well because the wine was just as good as the macarons. One of my favorite memories that we made in Paris was just sitting at a cafe, drinking wine and eating cheese, and talking and laughing with my brother and sister.

We got up early Wednesday morning and took the train to Paris. When we got off, we had no real plan so we took the metro into the heart of the city and ended up right by Notre Dame. It was unreal.

Next we took a little walk to Palais Royal (and when I say little, I don’t actually mean that. We walked over 20 miles in the two days we were there. Pretty sure that’s the most exercise I’ve gotten in years.) Palais Royal made my neutral loving heart so happy. I probably could have stayed there for hours. Plus, it matched my outfit. Every year Jess asks me to send her a photo of herself for work. This year I realized the latest head shot type photo I had of her was from about three years ago. Paris seemed like the perfect place to get an updated head shot. How pretty is my sissy?! The Eiffel Tower. A must when traveling to Paris. Next time I’ll bring a bottle of wine and have a picnic on the grass there. The next morning our first stop was the Louvre. I could have spent days in this museum. But there was too many other things we wanted to see so we spent a couple hours hitting the highlights. I was equal parts overwhelmed and underwhelmed seeing the Mona Lisa but the Venus de Milo and The Wedding at Cana were pretty amazing. We had lunch at the cutest gluten free cafe and the wine and the food were amazing. As a thank you for letting me pick the lunch spot and forcing her to eat gluten free, I let Jess get a crepe and eat it in front of me. This may have been the saddest part of the trip. It smelled heavenly. After that we visited the Jardin du Luxembourg, or the Luxembourg Gardens. There we found a little table and enjoyed the view with, you guessed it, a bottle of Chardonnay!

Je t’aime Paris! I can’t wait to return for a longer visit!

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