Engagements, Portraits

Roccio + Humberto | Kearney Engagement Session

This weekend Roccio, Humberto, and I met at Cottonmill Park for their engagement session and it left me so excited for their wedding in July! I can tell within five minutes of shooting what the rest of the session will look like and I immediately knew that it would be full of laughter and fun! […]

Heritage Portraits, Portraits

Kasey + Derrick | Lexington Nebraska Portraits

Before we moved to Nebraska, the first thing I did was look for a Rising Tide group near Lexington. (Rising Tide is a group of creative entrepreneurs who believe in community over competition and there are local groups all over the world.) I figured there’d be one in Omaha, but I was thrilled to discover […]


Grace Ou | Graduation Celebration + Headshots

This weekend is graduation here at Fuller and this year we have so many friends graduating. (Next year it will be Eddie’s turn!!) It’s so bittersweet, we’re so happy for our friends who have finished their degrees, but it also means that they will all be moving on and we won’t be able see them […]

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