It's the Small Things

Giving Tuesday 2019

I love Giving Tuesday. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all the consumption that is done over the weekend, it’s a refreshing reset to put the focus on others and their needs and giving back. Today I’m sharing about some of my favorite organizations in case you need a little inspiration on where to […]

It's the Small Things, Personal

Noah’s Giving Key

There are times when my son’s wisdom and maturity just amazes me beyond words and reaches so much further than his eight years. This week was one of those times. A little while ago we learned about The Giving Keys. Together, Noah and I watched the videos on their website and I quickly fell in […]

It's the Small Things, Personal

Stop and Smell the Roses

Last week we went to my sister’s house to hang out and pick some fruit. As I was looking through the photos I took that evening, I felt a sense of peace. Our lives right now are go, go, go. Eddie’s in school and working. Noah and Emma are in elementary school which is filled […]

It's the Small Things, Personal

Hugs from Dad

They all fall down. They get bumps and scrapes and bruises. Sometimes I wish I could prevent my kids from experiencing any pain at all. But pain is an important part of life. Sometimes they need a bandaid to make them feel better, but most of the time all they need is plenty of hugs […]

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