Bekah + Josh | Los Angeles Engagement

This engagement session is definitely one of my all time favorites, and not just because it’s my brother (although that certainly makes these images all the more special!) We had the perfect lighting, the perfect location (even if we had to climb the steepest cliff to get there), and the perfect couple with the perfect […]


Rebekah + Josh | Big Sur Proposal

I knew the first time I met Bekah that she was the one for my brother. Any girl who is willing to meet her boyfriend’s family (especially our crazy family) for the first time on week long beach camping trip is a brave soul. As I got to know her that week, I saw how […]


Jess + Jacob | Pasadena Engagement Session

My little brother is getting married! Some days I still can’t believe it. In all honesty, I didn’t think he would ever get married, but here we are, two months away from the big day! I could not be more thrilled with the girl my brother has chosen to be his wife. I already consider her a […]


Julie + Matt | Los Angeles Engagement Session

Matt was one of the first people we met when we came to Fuller and he quickly became one of our favorite people. I remember when he first started dating Julie. He fell for her fast, so fast that I was a little nervous about whether the feelings were reciprocated. Then we met Julie and […]

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