Family Portraits, Heritage Portraits

Bowman Family | Los Angeles Family Portraits

Working with the Bowman family left my cheeks sore from smiling so much! They are so full of life and joy and laughter and I had so much fun during our session. One of the things I love most about my job is that even if I know the family I’m working with, I get […]

Family Portraits, Heritage Portraits

Ou Family | Sierra Madre Family Portraits

A couple of weeks ago I went to California and did several sessions while I was there. So this coming week you’re going to get to see all of those! First up are our good friends from seminary. I remember a pastor at one of our previous churches telling us what a special time seminary […]

Family Portraits, Heritage Portraits

White Family | Lexington, NE Family Portraits

This session was so fun! Lynette’s whole family was visiting her and so they took the opportunity to get some family photos done. I went out to their farm here in Lexington and we wandered and walked and played and I was able to capture what a fun and loving family they are. I hope […]

Family Portraits, Heritage Portraits

Reynolds Family | Lexington, NE Family Portraits

We met the Reynolds family pretty quick into our time here in Lexington. They own the funeral home here and in Eddie’s first year here he had 12 or 13 funerals so he got to spend quite a bit of time with John and Nick. I met Tami working out at the Y and she […]

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