A European Vacation | Part One

This time last week I was in the middle of one of the greatest trips I’ve ever been on. A few months ago my brother moved to Germany and while I dreamed of being able to visit him, I didn’t expect for that to become a reality for quite awhile. But my sister called me and told me she found super cheap tickets and we’d leave within a week. I talked to Eddie and his mom graciously took time off to come and spend part of the time here to help with the kids while he was at work and school and Jess and I bought the tickets and we were off! Our first stop was Iceland where we had a 16 hour layover. We were able to go to the Blue Lagoon during our layover and it was amazing. From there we flew into Germany where we stayed with my brother and got to go to a spring festival, tour the ruins of an old castle, do some shopping, and drink lots of wine. We also made a two day trip to Paris which will be in a separate blog post because so. many. pictures. Here are some of the photos of our time in Iceland and Germany.

We started out our trip in Iceland. It was freakin freezing, but the water was so warm! After the Blue Lagoon we spent the night in the airport reading, eating chocolate and watching Sherlock. After traveling for two days we arrived in Germany. We got 15 hours of sleep brought to us by rolladen window shades that block out all the light. All the German houses in my brother’s are have them I really think America needs to get on board with those. While my brother worked our first day there, we walked around his little village. We spent Sunday at the Stuttgart Spring Festival. It was supposed to rain all day, but we just had beautiful cloudy, chilly weather. We drank all the beer and wine and ate all the delicious things we could find.  One of my favorite things about driving through Germany was seeing rows and rows of beautiful flowers. I had a continuous loop of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” going in my head (Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorite movies) and all I wanted to do was stop and frolic in the flowers. Josh finally stopped and let me do so:) On our last day in Germany we visited the ruins of Burg Nanstein, an old castle near Josh’s house.

Stay tuned next week for our days in Paris!

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